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miércoles, octubre 15, 2008

niyi: i love you all.

In the immortal words of the illustrious poets 3LW, "haters are gonna hate". But Niyi isn't having that shit. I came across Niyi's tunes a long time ago when I was writing about the lovely cartoon-obsessed Namalee, and it must have been fate that I stumbled across his page on the space this past weekened to finally have a listen to "I Love You All". While I'm pretty sure that writing about Niyi is so September and the single has been out for some time now, you need to put it in your earholes now.

The original tune has a rockier vibe than most of Niyi's work, fueled by it's anti-hater chorus "I bet you didn't think that I'd be still here. Well, I love you. Yes, I love you all." It's an anthem for anyone who's been told they can't do something, containing equal amounts of optimism and anti-pessimism. It's like watching Akeelah and the Bee, except at the end Akeelah flips everyone the bird and is like "Yall suckers didn't think I could spell like that, eh? Well, fuck all the haters." I'm positive that anyone experiencing the October slumps can get down to this, and they can even take the acappella and make their own version if they can't get down to Niyi's original. I'm a big fan of the mysterious Pick A Doll store's remix of "I Love You All", which takes the original to new heights of optimism and happiness. You can almost picture Niyi laughing in the haters' faces while listening to it, and I like to think that optimism is defined by the thought that one day you'll be able to laugh in the faces of those who said you just couldn't do it.

If you got skills (or even if you don't), you can download the parts of "Amelia" and "I Love You All" to bust out a remix. I encourage you to send it my way, and you're given full permission to laugh in my face if I don't post it and you become totally famous.


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