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sábado, noviembre 22, 2008

hundreds and thousands: bmx.

You may recall how obsessed I am with BMX. If you don't it's probably because I've never managed to put it into writing. While they may have only released three original songs and one remix, I feel like they were all tailor-made for my ears. Hence my obsession.

Now, I should probably mention one loophole in my obsession: I am not too crazy about people remixing BMX. I'm like an overprotective mother that doesn't like when you hold her baby. Even so, when I initially saw BIGSTEREO's post on BMX remixes, I almost came in my pants in anticipation of getting them in my ears. However, my music-boner was quickly killed when I realized that these remixes could never live up to the originals.

I finally started to find some enjoyment in BMX being remixed thanks to the 1928 Diamondback remix of "Theme to BMX", yet it wasn't until hearing Hundreds and Thousands remix of the tune that I truly fell for a BMX remix. The glory in the songs BMX has currently released is the story and dialogue within. While H&T, much like the preceding remixers, doesn't manage to maintain that story, it's clear from the 55-second instrumental introduction that there was no intention of doing so. In fact, less than half of the song includes lyrics from the original, and the conclusion of the H&T remix is actually the beginning of the original. It's almost as if it's a tribute to the original, which somehow triggers my "overprotective mother senses" to throw my babies at Hundreds and Thousands. Because I know that they'll catch my baby. And turn it into a pretty rad remix? Yes.

BONER TRACK: BMX - Theme to BMX (alt)

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