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sábado, diciembre 06, 2008

poptastic: hold me.

I should say that I extremely enjoy Poptastic as a concept. It sounds good on paper--a co-ed group channeling the '90s boy-band era sound and electronically mangling the resulting songs beyond recognition. Awesome. I like to indulge in the occasional shameful boy-band tune. And if I have a legitimate excuse to embrace this indulgence in a way that involving some artistic merit and a little less shame, then sign me up! That's the thing. I want to love Poptastic so much, but some of the songs are a little too mangled for my liking. With that said, I need to give Poptastic major props for their hilarious website, where you can download desktop wallpaper's of your favorite band member that resemble fan-made High School Musical livejournal icons.

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