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lunes, diciembre 08, 2008

death to the throne: yeah yeah yeahs remix.

The moment this remix of "Poor Song" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs began with the words "Get money!", I knew I was going to love it. I like to imagine that this was the thought running through Karen O's brain as she signed her contract with Interscope and "Maps" crossed over to a mainstream audience.

You'd rarely hear me complaining that a song is too short, but Death to the Throne's electro rework of "Poor Song" clocks in at 2:33 and leaves me wanting more. It's easily the most successful of his remixes, taking the slow-paced original to an unexpected place on the dance floor. And I'm not saying that his other remixes are shit. Quite the opposite! His takes on Rye Rye, Chromeo, Birdman & Lil Wayne and M83 make it clear that he's a remixer to watch in 2009. Download the whole set over on the space.

Props to my adopted little blog-brother over at terf-work for putting me up on this!


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Blogger Confusion said...

nice post I had never heard of Death To The Thone but these remixes are dope.

12/08/2008 12:19 a. m.  
Blogger Brad said...

me gusta <3

12/08/2008 4:14 p. m.  

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