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viernes, mayo 11, 2007

purple crush: air jared mix + kate bush cover.

PURPLE CRUSH is a Brooklyn duo composed of Isla Jones Cheadle and DJ Air Jared. You may remember them from their contribution to the Yo Majesty remix contest. You may be familiar with their tune "Shopping on the Dancefloor". No? Not ringing a bell?

Well it's never too late to learn. On Welcome 2 Emo-Club, their latest EP, the duo pushes out six synthy '80s-influenced jams that may change your life more than bedazzlers did (or still do). Gorilla Vs. Bear and fluo kids recently posted a huge highlight of the album, a driving party-ready remake of Kate Bush's 1985 hit song "Running Up The Hill". Thanks to the challenge from GVB's Chris, I am now running around my room doing interpretative bow and arrow dances to this song. Don't laugh. Once you hear it, you might not be able to resist doing the same. And you know you wish you could move like Kate Bush.

If "Running Up The Hill" doesn't get you going, perhaps Air Jared's remix of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" will. You may have the urge to start dry-humping your keyboard. Perhaps.

d/l: PURPLE CRUSH- Running Up The Hill (Kate Bush cover) (YSI)
d/l: GEORGE MICHAEL- I Want Your Sex (Air Jared Filter Mix) (YSI)
(80s-charged dance party jams)
- buy it - space it - hype it -

BLOGWATCH: Nah Right brings us three new tracks from Lupe Fiasco. Berkeley Place tells us that Ben Gibbard apparently did Neil Young and Nirvana (probably at the same time). Pitchfork shouts the news that the upcoming album by the Go! Team will feature Rappers Delight Club, aka those rapping kids I posted about that one time.

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