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martes, mayo 01, 2007

mr. suitcase: you don't smile anymore.

MR. SUITCASE is a Swedish producer and musician who did a few remixes that I like.

While I was listening to the Mr. Suitcase remix of Le Sport's "It's Not the End of the World" , I suddenly decided that I needed to learn more about him. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he released a new single just yesterday. Good timing for curiosity!

"You Don't Smile Anymore" is the first single off of Mr. Suitcase's debut album Guidelines For An Emerging Century, which will be released on May 30th. Up-and-coming female vocalist Sanna Fischer contributes guest vocals to the track. Previously, Fischer worked with Mr. Suitcase on "Lullaby of Clubland", a leftover song from his first EP. "You Don't Smile Anymore" is way beyond leftovers, and it proves that Fischer is definitely a female vocalist to watch out for (also evident from her demo "Coming Down" which can be heard on her space). Considering that I am a sucker for a good Swedish dance-pop tune, I am blatantly loving this song with all of my heart.

he seemingly obscure but delightful Kopia popped out a remix of "You Don't Smile Anymore" which is definitely worth your ears' time.

d/l: MR. SUITCASE f/ S. FISCHER- You Don't Smile Anymore (YSI)
d/l: MR. SUITCASE f/ S. FISCHER- You Don't Smile Anymore (Kopia remix) (YSI)

(Swedish dance-pop)
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