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sábado, mayo 05, 2007

gangsta boo: queen of the south chronicles (continued).

GANGSTA BOO (born Lola Mitchell) is the queen of the south. Or at least she thinks she is.

"I'm hearin' a lot of them hoes claim that motherfuckin' title. Well, you know what bitch? I'm takin' that shit, bitch. It is what it is. I ain't claiming that shit, hoe. I'm telling you, bitch. I'm sayin' facts. I'm the queen of the south."

Ms. Lola Mitchell is one of four major contenders for this title. Jacki-O, Khia, and Trina are all jumping up to grab the crown. According to an interview with Hood Magazine, Mitchell has no problem with Jacki-O or Trina claiming the title of "queen of the south". In true Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls style, she proclaimed that they all hold a piece of the crown. But don't bring up Khia around her. Mitchell continues in the interview, "Khia doesn't want to fuck with me and Khia frontin' to be so damn hard, then why didn't she say shit when I called her out at the Ozone Awards."

Mitchell also has issues with Khia's attitude towards other female rappers. And she has every reason to have issues, as Khia is the most dramatic of the bunch. In the August 2006 issue of XXL Khia asked, "How can you be a queen when you are being pimped by a bunch of n***as?" She continues, "All of ‘em, Foxy and Jay-Z, Lil’ Kim and Biggie, Shawnna and DTP, Mia X and No Limit. Every big female artists that ever came out, came out under a man. How can you claim to hold the crown like that?" This comment may have hit home for Mitchell, as she started as the first and only original female member of the now all-male Oscar-winning group Three 6 Mafia.

In Mitchell's defense for the crown, she has been on the music scene since 1994 (three years longer than Trina and seven years longer than both Jacki-O and Khia). Her 1998 debut single "Where Dem Dollars At?" helped put Memphis on the map, despite making little impact on pop radio. While she may have become established with the help of Three 6 Mafia, she has since split with them and developed her own independent label. She has been grinding independently for nearly as long as Khia, so she's certainly not being pimped. On her own, she's managed to secure guest spots on several albums including Outkast, Rasheeda, and a DTP (Disturbing the Peace) compilation.

None of her albums went gold and she's not appearing on the cover of your favorite men's magazine. Her contribution to the Polow Da Don produced "Break a N***a Off" may have not made the final cut of Rich Boy's self-titled debut album. But damn, this girl is still outstanding, accomplished, and she could run circles around Jacki-O.

More importantly, Mitchell's "Queen of the South" diss is surprisingly friendly, as it doesn't seem to be directed towards any particular artist. Unlike her peers, she's above mentioning names within her songs. She's better than that...though we'll have to wait until the release of her album Forever Gangsta to see just how much better she is.

d/l: GANGSTA BOO- Queen of the South (YSI)
d/l: RICH BOY f/ SNOOP DOGG & GANGSTA BOO- Break a N***a Off (YSI)

d/l: GANGSTA BOO f/ LA CHAT- Splash (YSI)
(two tracks featuring Memphis-born female rapper)
- buy it - space it - wik it -

BLOGGER NOTE: Good Googly Moogly! Three 6 Mafia affiliate Project Pat is performing at my school. Please, whatever.

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