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viernes, julio 18, 2008

webbyvanderquackin': 001.

I used to do a feature called WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN'. I created at it as a way to give kudos to other blogs out there and provide you all with some tunes and news that didn't get covered here on my humble lil web-garden. It usually appeared at the bottom of every post, but I decided to give it a try as a weekly feature. I'll also be including five jams of the week that didn't necessarily come out this week.
  • missingtoof: Alan Astor remixes DJ Amaze, Spoon, Chris Brown & T-Pain, & Lil Wayne. I'm not crazy about the 'mixes, but Alan Astor is pretty okay, I guess.
  • palms out: I know Remix Sunday is on Sunday, but I read it on Monday.
  • bigstereo: Diplo & Santogold bring us Top Ranking, a "a Piracy Funds Terrorism type way" mix-album featuring unreleased tracks & remixes of dear ol' Santi. You can purchase said album over at Turntable Lab, and download new mixes of "L.E.S. Artistes" and "Starstruck" over at BIGSTEREO. Slightly related, Travis sent me a video of TIGHT'N UP's cover of "Uptown Top Ranking". I'd really like to live inside said video. Really!
  • kanye west: The Yeez brings us a new vid featuring himself, Mr. Fonzworth Bentley, Sa-Ra, & Andre 3000. For the record, he (allegedly) does NOT have a ghost-blogger. I, along with several other bloggers, remain suspicious. Making hits and getting blog hits just don't mix.
  • spin: Everyone seems very upset that the new I'm From Barcelona song isn't a cover of M.I.A. I'm just upset that it's nowhere near as fun as "Treehouse" and "I'm From Barcelona".
  • funky16corners: Get your dose of summer-soul with Funky16Corners Radio v.53.
  • hipster runoff: "Leslie Feist stole my friends, my identity, my counting gimmick, and my sense of purpose. I have nothing. I am just another muppet with no reason to be alive. I used to be proud of my iPod nano. I used to be proud of myself"---The Count, in reference to Feist's appearance on Sesame Street.
  • sohh: T-Pain is upset by other artists' new-found fondness of vocoders and auto-tune, but he isn't about to kill the trend himself. Apparently one of his new songs will incorporate the line, “Your daughter told you to get off daddy’s d*ck!” Beyond this piece of news, Erykah Badu says to haters who are judging her for being pregnant with Jay Electronica's baby..."kiss my placenta".
  • vulture: Timbaland claims that Jay-Z wants him to produce the entirety of his next album, intends to aim for M.I.A. vs. bagpipes vibe. Thankfully, as Vulture points out, he is probably a delusional liar.
  • ali's blog: Hayden Panettiere pathetically eye-fucks a camera, implies that she would be a terrible girlfriend, follows Paris Hilton's footsteps in creating an unnecessary reggae-tinged pop song, and makes me wish that they really didn't have to save the cheerleader (ie: Please Do Not Bring It On, All Or Nothing!!). And despite having very no image or personality, Ashanti's new video is surprisingly playful and enjoyable.
  • daily intel: "Manginacal" (maj-EYE-ni-cull) may be my new favorite word.
  • nah right: Kid Cudi drops one of those "free mixtapes" the kids keep talking about.
  • pretty much amazing: I hate Coldplay, even if "Viva La Vida" is kind of catchy in a bad way. For those who don't, they're apparently giving you a new song called "Death Will Never Conquer". I am holding back all evil puns about Chris Martin and death.
  • '90s r&b junkie: This post made me a little sad that Kelis is so unappreciated.
  • gvb: Santogold & M.I.A. on one song. Expect this to skyrocket on hype machine as soon as some blogger gets an mp3 or audio hijacks it off of myspace.
  • diary of a mad blacktress: "Technically, like, he gentrified my vagina...they're building a Jamba Juice down there." Sojourner "You Can't Handle The" Truth has the vids up of her Black History Month stand-up routine.
  • screener: What would you do if Space Chimps magically (or maginacally) beat The Dark Knight in the box office?
  • gmsc: I really enjoy the life of Cindi, a fictional hipster girl. Fuck Lil Wayne or Estelle or whoeverbutt. Self-aware hipsterism is this summer's "Umbrella".
  • idolator: In which Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has a secret side-project. Also, that Nas guy may be having a pretty good week.
  1. USHER f/ YOUNG JEEZY - Love In This Club (Sta remix) (YSI)
  2. LAURYN HILL - The Makings Of You (Curtis Mayfield Cover) (YSI)
  3. LEIF - Black Magic (YSI)
  4. LITTLE PICTURES - Tiny Gaps
  5. BEN ONE f/ SHAWNNA - Never Leave My Girl

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Blogger Becca the Promo Mami said...

1000 points for having never leave my girl be one of the JAMS... magnifique!

8/08/2008 11:30 p. m.  

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