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lunes, mayo 07, 2007

vanessa hudgens: albert castillo remix.

VANESSA HUDGENS just released a club remix of her single "Say Ok". I like it.

*GASP* Did I just say that? Club remix?...two words that would normally make me cringe into a corner in terror. And did I say Vanessa Hudgens? Do I mean that chick from Disney's High School Musical? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I said all those things. Alone they wouldn't make me feel as ashamed as I do now, but together they've made my innocent pleasure full of guilt. Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. Guilt!

I couldn't tell you why I like this remix. I hate clubs. I hate dancing to club music. I am fond of some of Ms. Hudgens' music, but I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with any of this. For some reason, I actually enjoy listening to this remix. I don't like dancing to it. I literally just enjoy sitting in my computer chair and listening to this remix. I've listened to it thirteen consecutive times, and I'm not sick of it yet. I may even like it more than the original song.

I'd like to think that it's much more complex, original, clever, and well-produced than most club music, but considering that I don't know anything about club music I think this is just a coping mechanism to deal with my guilt. The remix was done by Albert Castillo, who coincidentally just remixed Hilary Duff's** most recent single "With Love" (see video). I kind of like listening to that remix as well, and I don't do it with love. I do it with guilt.

For some reason, Castillo's remixes are entirely intriguing, and I need to get over this guilt, "Say Ok", and move on with my life.

d/l: VANESSA HUDGENS- Say Ok (Albert Castillo remix) (YSI)
(Club remix of pop song)
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BLOGGER NOTE: ** Can we talk about how H. Duff has a remix of "With Love" that has Slim Thug on it? SLIM THUG. It's up on her space if you don't believe me.

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