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martes, mayo 08, 2007

totally michael: totally awesome.

TOTALLY MICHAEL may look totally bad-ass in this picture, but he has a small penis. And he likes cashews! He said so in his site's biography.

With the power of his voice, a guitar, a microphone, and a computer, Totally Michael promotes love, happiness, and butt-wiggling. He teaches adults how to dance and love. In exchange, they teach him how to improve his skills at shotgunning PBRs. All three of these things are equally important dance-party life skills-- dancing, loving, and PBR. Without them, the dance party would die. And if the dance party dies, Totally Michael will KILL YOU. He said so in his song "Shake Your Booty or Die!"

A typical Totally Michael dance-party seems to involve balloons, short shorts, bright colors, sing-alongs, and heavy dancing. However, from the look of the pictures from the February/March tour it doesn't look like any Totally Michael dance-party is ever typical. While beer may be flowing on one scene, apple juice is flowing on the other, as in the time he performed for a group of elementary-school-aged children. While clothes may be coming off some places, strict dress codes are enforced at others. One thing is for sure though-- a typical Totally Michael show is going to be fun. Don't act like you're too cool for balloons. Because you're not.

Personally, this music would make me want to die if I happened to be having a bad day. But who said good days couldn't get any better? No one.

d/l: TOTALLY MICHAEL- Don't Stop (YSI)
d/l: TOTALLY MICHAEL- Alicia's Song (YSI)
d/l: TOTALLY MICHAEL- Cheerleaders vs. Drillteam (YSI)
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BLOGWATCH: Fluxblog brings us a live version of one of the only Arcade Fire songs I've ever been obsessed with "The Well and the Lighthouse". Gorilla Vs. Bear has a new Kate Bush cover by Purple Crush.

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