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domingo, enero 21, 2007

podington bear: too cool for the forest.

PODINGTON BEAR is the cutest thing to ever happen to your iPod.

Remember Paddington Bear? He was pretty cool I guess, but did HE make music??? No, my friends...but Podington Bear does. He will give you a new song every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

What kind of music does Podington make? Well, he doesn't really specify other than saying that they are "instrumental songs, made with love". Isn't that enough? No? Well, so far Paddington's tunes have fallen under the general genre of "instrumental electro-pop". Gorilla vs. Bear has compared him to The Album Leaf, The Octopus Project, and Tunng. If you are unfamiliar with or disdain any of those musicians, I urge you to still give Podington a chance. He's just a bear, and you should support the wildlife!

So far, Podington's tunes have been relatively happy and soothing. Considering that I enjoy cute things, I enjoy this project. If you happen to enjoy cute things as well, subscribe to Podington's Podcast. It will make your Mondays more exciting, and that was enough to convince me.

DOWNLOAD: PODINGTON BEAR- Climbing the Mountain
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BLOG-PROPS: Forgive me if I miss someone, but thanks to Laptoprockers, Dirty Down, Indietastic, stereogum, and bigstereo for linking to the Yo Majesty remix/cover contest. The submissions are beginning to roll in, so just make sure to get yours in before February 7th! Also, thanks to songs:illinois for pointing peeps towards the new Don Lennon.

BLOGWATCH: Harold Who? brings us a track by The Bird and the Bee. Ickmusic bumps some ol skool hip-hop. 3hive features the God Damn Doo Wop Band.

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Blogger μ:[sic] said...

I would have to disagree on the Paddington Bear comment. "Yes" is the actual answer to the question of his music career. Paddington Bear's Magical Musical is a testament to the fact. It's a sorry affair, but Bearobics remains one of the greater songs played on the radio show I do since the start of the term.

2/10/2007 2:56 p. m.  
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