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lunes, agosto 07, 2006

compass: this post is overdue.

COMPASS somehow got me through spring break. And I'm just making a post about them now.

Being cooped up in a ski-house in Vermont can be fun for the most part, but it occasionally can get very stressful. Especially when you're fighting to keep the bed you're sharing with your significant other. Yes, I spent my spring break in Vermont. No, I didn't actually go skiing...but I did go a little crazy.

Thankfully, Compass was there to help. As I listened to their album Munchy the Bear on repeat in an attempt to write a review, my troubles slowly melted away. While my love for the album continued to grow, my commitment to writing the review slowly melted quickly as my troubles and the snow on the ground.

To be honest, the reason I never finished the review is because their sound confused the fuck out of me. Complete disorganization and utter chaos were turned into something beautiful. It wasn't some Ruben Studdard power-pop, but it got me through the day.
I was immediately drawn to the upbeat "I'm Already Dead" which makes you want to dance until you actually listen to the utterly depressing lyrics and vocals.

Compass is composed of Dave Doom and 17 other musicians playing a total of 47 instruments from the clarinet to twigs. Sure, it sounds a little pretentious and experimental. That's because it is.

DOWNLOAD: COMPASS- Never Live Forever

BUY Munchy the Bear

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Anonymous Jared said...

i loooove compass... thanks so much.

8/12/2006 4:01 a. m.  

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