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jueves, agosto 10, 2006

codebreaker: here comes the night time.

CODEBREAKER would be hired by me if I was a futuristic spy looking for a soundtrack to my life. Unfortunately, I am not (or so I say) so they will just have to settle for a prized position in my iTunes library.

About five months ago, I interviewed Codebreaker for the now deceased totesumbrellas. In the post, I revealed that I'm much cooler than everyone else for having discovered Codebreaker back in 2003. OK, so that's a lie. I didn't reveal that. But it's true...sort of.

Codebreaker found me on a mix CD my sister received from Marlboro cigarettes during my senior year of high school. Their song "Capsule" fascinated me because it made me feel like I was looking out of the window of my own spaceship. I never heard any of their other material until earlier this year. Luckily, bloggers picked up on and embraced their sound. After reading about the band and what they were up to...once again, we were reunited. Since we parted, Codebreaker went on to do great things. They made waves on college radio, were featured on the Discovery Channel, and did shows with artists such as Har Mar Superstar, Outhud, and Hot Chip.

Needless to say, our reunion was quite sweet, especially the part where I received an e-mail from lead singer Steven Hawley announcing the debut of their new single "Here Com
es the Night Time" off of their upcoming EP, out this fall. It continues to leave me in outer space, on my secret spy mission. I'm like Zenon, girl of the 21st century...but hipper and with more penis. Hopefully with more Raven, because that would be

DOWNLOAD: CODEBREAKER- Here Comes the Night Time

BUY What Is This Earth Love? on iTunes, Friend them on the space.

BLOGWATCH: Stereogum links us to a great video mash-up of Kidz Bop with Evanescence. Bigstereo has got the new single by Brazilian Girls, "Jique". Gorilla vs. Bear posted a remix of Spankrock by DraculaZombieUSA, as well as new work by The Light Footwork. Forget "Toop Toop"! I'm all about the Cassius track that features Pharrell. It's much better than the garbage on his debut solo album. Get it at fluo kids.

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