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viernes, julio 28, 2006

superiority complex: they ain't better than you.

SUPERIORITY COMPLEX will likely be overlooked this summer with new releases by The Roots and Jurassic 5 coming up in the near future. However, one can not deny what they have to contribute to the world of alternative hip-hop.

If you're tired of all the overproduced bullshit hip-hop that's populating the radio today, the organic sound and fun, well-composed lyrics of Arkansas natives Superiority Complex are exactly what you've been waiting for. The group consists of three members...First, Iron Monk is "the seasoned veteran of the group". He brings extreme hotness on the mic along with fellow emcee Poisoned Fetus, which stands for "Possession Of Infinite Skills Overwhelm Novice Emcees Daily Flows Exceed The Usual Standards". Try saying that ten time fast. Last, we have Blackology, the man behind the beats. Together, they are Superiority Complex. Which is kind of like the Voltron of hip-hop.

With the exception of the skits attached to the end of some songs, the flow of the album is impeccable. Both song to song AND on the mic. It's an album that you can listen to as a whole. In fact, it's an album that's better when you listen to it as a whole. While no tracks necessarily outshine the others, there are a few to look out for including "Inferiority Complex" in which Iron Monk and Poisoned Fetus spit back and forth "I ain't no better than you, man you better than me", restoring modesty to the rap game with no regrets. Also look out for the Vince Guaraldi Trio sample on "Seasons" and the side-by-side introspective tracks "Love" and "Hate".

Holy shit. Why are you not listening to this album right now? Seriously. What the fuck?


BUY Superiority Complex: Stand Up

BLOGGER NOTE: I will be away this weekend in Upstate NY, so no music tomorrow. To deal with my absence, I strongly recommend seeing Alice Smith at Summerstage this Saturday at 3PM. I talked to one of her marketing peeps on the phone and he said that it's going to be a stunning show.

BLOGWATCH: Arjan Writes has another one from the Teddybears, which isn't quite as cute. Gorilla vs. Bear has some songs by Honey is Cool, the former band of The Knife's Karin Dreijer.

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Anonymous Arch Noble said...

It's a shame that all this prog-hop -- like alot of alternative music (Mr.Lif) -- gets lost to the more heavily promoted and commercialized side of hip-hop.

"Inferiority Complex" would seem almost subversive on the radio for its unapologetically self-depracating humor.

8/01/2006 2:08 a. m.  

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