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domingo, julio 23, 2006

oh, it was latavia! pt 2.

LATAVIA had always been my favorite member of Destiny's Child. I had no justification for this except for the fact that my friend Kyle liked Kelly, Jason liked Beyonce...and LaTavia had red hair!

In case you missed my last post on this topic, we were last left guessing what Ms. Roberson is up to. After Anjel (her group with fellow reject LeToya) broke up, LaTavia went on to study acting. As far as music went, she was offered the position as lead singer of XScape replacing Kandi Burruss but declined! Apparently, a song with Jermaine Dupri was recorded but never released.

BUT NOW...Jawn Murray, a columnist for AOL Black Voices, had an exclusive interview. Fear not my friends...the future looks bright! 'Tavia is coming back and she's thinking big. Where did she go? I think the answer to that is quite obvious. To find her soul.

It's easy to lose your soul in the music industry. LaTavia has been through so much at this point, that I'm convinced she'll come back with more soul and heart than ever. Her grandmother suffered from two strokes, her grandfather has Alzheimer's. This is the reason she turned down the opportunity to work with XScape. She temporarily put her dreams aside for the Roberson fam's well-being. That's soul right there. That's soul.

I look forward to hearing the upcoming project. Details are scarce as of now, but there are plans for her to collaborate with her "cousin" Paul Wall. 'Tavia has also expressed interest in working with Lil Jon, Kelis, Timbaland, and T.I. If you asked me, she should be talking to her good friends at XScape to get the hook-up with Kandi Burruss and her husband Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs, the husband/wife team behind TLC's "No Scrubs", DC's "Bills Bills Bills", and *NSYNC's (best song ever) "It Makes Me Ill". Forget where LaTavia went...what ever happened to She'kspere? It took three years to find out where LaTavia went, so who knows when we'll find out about him? While we wait we can listen to the one song by Destiny's Child (from their first album) where they actually let LaTavia rap! In the pre-Michelle days, that would be a very big deal.


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