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jueves, julio 20, 2006

but it's hard!: qt possie and the difficulties of being a child celebrity.

QT POSSIE is sort of like Prussian Blue*. Except they're not sisters. Or modern-day juvenile nazis.

Minus the sister part, they're the Black version of Smoosh. In fact, their song "I Can" is very reminiscent of Smoosh's "Rad", a song in which Chloe and Asya state "Cause I can go anywhere I want yo, uh huh yeah".

But forget the white chicks. You can throw Maya Bond in the garbage! They may be able to rock, but they ain't got no soul! Jasmine (9 y/o) and Zonique (8 y/o) lay down vocals on some of the most well-produced pre-teen tunes you will ever hear. How did these little girls get hooked up with such hot tracks? Obviously, relatives.

Zonique is the daughter of Tiny from 90s girl-group XScape. Her uncle also apparently has the fastest feet in show business, which alone would be enough for me to sign an 8 year old to my label. Jasmine comes from a very musical family, with both of her grandparents being musicians and her brother hosting his own radio show on 97.9 in Macon, GA. Jasmine is an aspired actress, and is so good that she didn't land her first role in a Volvo commercial...they wrote a role specifically for her!

But enough about them, let's talk about their music. Quite simply, I have to say that I'm disturbed by the mature content of these songs. No, they're not talking about snogging older men, doing drugs, or stripping for cash. It's not that serious, but still a little disturbing.

They're not even teenagers and on "Breathe" they're complaining about people being all up in their personal space. On the first verse, Jasmine is talking about her difficulties as a child star. The opening line of "I Can" is "Sittin' tryna be a star, cause I wanna buy a fancy car". Think about this! These girls have to live twice the amount of life that they've lived so far in order to drive said fancy car. I know their nicknames are "Diva" and "Star", but I think they need to chill out a little and be kids for a second.


*Blogger note: Prussian Blue actually released a surprisingly sweet Father's Day song called "My Daddy" was as intense as "Confessions of a Broken Heart", dedicated to their little sister telling her that she should appreciate having her biological father in her life. It seems as if no Black or Jewish people were harmed in the recording of this song. ::shrug:: I guess they lost their edge.

BLOGWATCH: Popbytes has a mash-up of Peaches and Gary Glitter done by DJ Paul V. Neiles Life brings us some of the leaked tracks by Pharrell Williams including songs featuring Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and Pusha T of Clipse. Republicum posted the new Basement Jaxx track, "Hey You".

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Anonymous Arch Noble said...

I'm assuming that those are guest male vocals on "I Can" and not either Jasmine or Zonnique. I tried to get some more information about who the mystery voice was by visiting their website, but I felt sorta sleazy trolling around their website.

Prussian Blue's "Your Daddy" has way too much reverb, and that affected nasal twang -- phoning it in.

7/21/2006 9:03 a. m.  

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